​Key Steps to Choosing a Style of Eyelash Extensions

  • If you know little about Eyelash Extensions I suggest having a look through the Portfolio of several EyeLash Specialists to get an idea of what style you like some Artists prefer bolder thicker lashes and some artists prefer natural wispy styled lashes.

  • Consider the budget of your new set + infills to maintain your eyelash extensions every 2-3 weeks generally an Eyelash Specialist that charges more will  have more experience under their belt or, they are located in a popular location and vise versa for medium-priced sets to beginner-priced sets 'what you pay for is what you get'

  • Look through the chosen Eyelash Specialists Portfolio choose an image you like from their work do not choose an image from google as every lash artist has their own interpretation, uses different materials, and can't reciprocate someone else's work.

  • When making a booking select the Volume you like 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc all the way to 15D what this means a fan with 4 strands will be placed on one Natural Lash.

  • Every Volume can have the length and shape customized to suit the eye it is not important for you to decide this before your appointment your Eyelash Specialist will select this on the day based on your Natural Lashes discussing the look you would like to achieve.

  • The most common Styles/ Shapes include: Cat Eye, Open/doll Eye, Dramatic, Kim K Wispy 

If you need assistance to choose the Volume D suited to your preference please submit a contact form at the bottom of this page or give us a call and we will be happy to consult you over the phone.