Coming in for fills at a frequency for your natural lash line is extremely important for your natural lash health. We need to have consistent upkeep!


Just because you have good overall retention does not mean that you can go over 3-4 weeks for your fills. In this lash photo, you can see an example of a lash fan that is 3 weeks grown out. Due to different lash cycle rate, metabolism and hormone fluctuations, the growth can vary from client to client. Some clients can observe similar growth after only 1-2 weeks. 


As soon as a lash grows more than 2mm, it must be removed. Due to the distribution of weight on the natural lash, it becomes top-heavy and begins to twist and turn. This can cause discomfort and possible temporary damage to the natural lashes. 


A good time for a refill is not when you have 40% of lashes left (in fact, that's a full set)! If you want the best result and full lashes every time, it's best to go in for you fills when you are at 50% retention.


Lash cycles vary as does everyone's maintenance routine. This is why establishing with me what the best timing for your fills are is a good idea to avoid inconsistencies and extra charges. 


Why do You Need Lash Infills?

Now let's talk about the lash cycle your lash extensions fall out and this happens because of the natural lashes cycle…

Your natural eyelashes continue to grow in a replenishing cycle.

The falling lash cycle:

1º Week – You will lose about 21 lashes
2º Week – You will lose about 42 lashes
3º Week – You will lose about 63 lashes

Since the extensions are bonded to your own natural lash you may need to refill the areas where your own natural lash has fallen out, Touch-ups will keep the lashes looking fresh and fuller it's not necessary to get a new set every time.


Infills and your lash cycle

Infills generally take 45-90 minutes this depends on the kind of lash set you have and how many lashes have fallen out, your lash cycle will be different from your best friend, colleague, sister as eyelashes fall out at different intervals from person to person, don't compare your lash cycle to another person!