1. LASH INTEGRITY - Your natural lash health is my top priority! This means that I will only place extensions that are the appropriate weight and length for your lashes. Many times this is not what you are used to from previous artists. Sometimes we have to choose between long or full. Long full is just not everyone's reality. As a professional, I also reserve the right to make a new decision during your time with me as a client for what your lashes can handle.


2. BOOKING WITH ME ONLINE - You are required to pay a deposit to secure your booking. Your card will be charged at the time of booking, cancellation policies apply. All regular bookings are scheduled online through Timely, Afterpay bookings must be made via Instagram direct message, SMS or in person.


3. DEPOSIT - A deposit of 50% is required for all Full Sets to secure your appointment, removals and touch-ups require full payment upfront. All deposits are non-refundable and only transferable one time only (when rescheduled within 48 hours of the booking).


4. CANCELLATION POLICY - Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance to have your deposit refunded. Text reminders are sent out 6 hours before your appointment. I understand that sickness and emergencies come up you are allowed only 1 reschedule at my discretion if you repeatedly reschedule inside of the 48 hour time frame it will be considered as a no-show/cancellation. If appointments are missed or cancelled, then 50% of service payment will be forfeit. If you need to change your service to a different one, such as a removal I require 48 hours notice or you will still be charged for your existing appointment.


5. PAYMENT - Exact cash is preferred as I often don't keep spare change on the premises. I do accept AMEX, Visa and Mastercard via the Sqaure PayPass POS system.



7. LATE ARRIVALS - If you arrive more than 20 minutes late,  your appointment will be cancelled and considered a no show


8. VISITORS - Children and pets are not permitted as they may be a safety hazard. Infants are not permitted as your eyes will be closed and you won't be able to attend to your child this will interrupt your service. Please do not bring visitors to your appointment as they are not covered under insurance.


9. CLEAN EYES - Please arrive with squeaky clean lashes. EXTENSIONS WILL NOT ADHERE TO DIRTY LASHES. They will end up falling off the very next day. Or they fall off as I’m applying them and will make your fill impossible.

  • No makeup (foundation, shadow, oils) on: Eyelid, under eyes and temples. 

  • Stop using products containing oils 3 days before your appointment ( serums, wipes, moisturisers, cleaners etc..) Eyelash extension adhesive will not adhere to the natural lash.


10. WASH LASHES DAILY - What happens if you don’t clean every day? You have layers build-up that cannot be cleaned off in one day - we will have to reschedule!

  • Build up of skin/dirt/oils will SUFFOCATE your lashes and they will DIE. They will fall out prematurely and if this continues, if they grow back, they will be weak and frail.

  • If your natural lashes are dying (which can happen very quickly) I will stop all fills and put you on a break. 

  • If you come in with layers of build-up I literally CANT fill on you. The lashes I place will fall right back off. I’ll have to cancel your appointment!

  • MEGA LASH CLIENTS: Mega lashes get weighed down MEGA FAST and you will cause damage to your natural lashes before your next fill. Think triple the weight. You must keep these lashes extremely clean or we will switch down to a volume set to preserve the health of your naturals! :)


11. HEADPHONES- You are encouraged to bring your headphones, its nice to relax and listen to your own music or podcast. I love to have a nice chat but generally as begin to work I wont talk, as talking creates small movements, wiggles, and allows fumes to escape into your eyes. Tearing eyes will ruin your service! Use this time to relax, unwind and have a lash nap.


12. NO CAFFEINE - Caffeine causes fluttery eyes and makes lashing not only difficult, but sometimes impossible!


13. TIME - You are required to stay still for an extended length of time. Too much movement from restleness will prevent me from being able to lash. Remember to use the restroom before your service, using the restroom during your service will cut into your lashing time.


14. FILL POLICY - It is required that you have at least 50% of your lashes in order to be considered a “fill”. If you book a fill and show up with less than that you will be charged for a full set. This does not mean you get more fill time. 

Helpful Hints

  • If it looks like you need a fill then you have waited too long, lashes should look good all of the time! Just less full.

  • If you are missing more than 50% on only one eye you are still considered to be falling under the 50% Fill Rule.

  • Arrive at your appointment with cleansed lashes

  • I fill other artists work, in the online booking section you must select " outside fill " is some cases I may need to remove and do a full set depending on the state of your current set.


15. 4 WEEK FILL POLICY - No fills may be booked over 4 weeks from your prior lash service. There are no exceptions to this rule, old lashes must be removed and replaced. Please pay attention to  your lash cycle and schedule your fills accordingly.


16. TOUCH UP FILLS - Touch up fills are available for existing clients only. Your next fill will still need to be fall in between 2 weeks from your touch up. Touch up fills do not extend your fill time frame. This is an additional service that only fills in small gaps and imperfections. There is no removal of grown out extensions. 


18. NEW CLIENT FILLS - If you are a new client you will need to schedule removal and new set or an outside fill.


19. REFUNDS  There are no refunds on any services. Some clients can experience poor retention, due to poor pre/aftercare, oily skin, using the incorrect products on your face, hormones, poor natural lash health etc..  If you experience poor retention, unfortunately, you will not get a refund payments are using to cover the time and experience of your lash artist.


20. PRICING/POLICIES - Pricing and policies are subject to change at any time. Please keep yourself updated by checking this section for changes.

21. TWO DAY POLICY - If you are unhappy with your lashes please get in contact with Xena Lash within 2 days of your treatment to allow us to rectify the situation if a touch up is required it must be scheduled within 5 days of the initial appointment, outside of this period Xena Lash will charge for a fix or touch up.